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Добавлено by В Кулинария
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Pancakes with pickles and feta cheese

Kefir - 150 ml;
Water - 250 ml;
Egg - 2 pcs., Sugar - 1 tbsp.;
Salt - ¼ tsp;
Sunflower oil - 2 tbsp .;
Flour - 200 g;
Gherkins, pickled cucumbers - 2-3 pcs.,
Brynza - 70 g,
Fresh parsley (only leaves) - 1 bunch;
Sour cream - for serving.
To clean prepared dishes
break eggs, add salt to them,
 sugar, and beat into a lush mass with a whisk.
Then pour warm milk, water, grow
oil, mix.
Pour into liquid components
 flour, mix with a whisk
Cut the gherkins into thin slices,
 chop the feta cheese with your hands, parsley leaves
The pan is well heated, greased to grow
with oil, pour a thin layer of tes
then immediately spread the slices over the dough
 cucumber, feta cheese and greens. Top slightly poly
be another test, rocking the pan, equal
evenly distribute.
Fry over medium heat until golden brown
 flip the pancake with the filling down, fry more
 a couple of minutes using a spatula
carry to the dish.
Serve immediately with sour cream.

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