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↟Dragalia Lost↟ New Year's Tidings: Fortune from Afar Event Story FULL screen Gameplay

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↟Dragalia Lost↟ New Year's Tidings: Fortune from Afar Event Story + 1x Multi/Single Draws FULL screen Gameplay.

Event Reflection Ratings:

Story: 9/10, I like it. Good length dialogues. Can't say more without spoiling.. lol.

Voice Acting: 8/10, all characters voice acting are good as usual, however, there is no one standout more than other. Probably the script fault.

Music:8/10, I like the regular boss new track it was a bit weird at first but eventually grew on me. I do notice new background music in event story, well done.

Stage Design: 9/10, The Raid boss stage is nicely designed and detail, excellent contrast coloring.

Raid Boss Design 9/10 , The Lion-dragon does look good. Could have been better like Chinese New Year Lion-Dragon. But this is a Japanese cultural game...Maybe I am asking too much :p

Boss Attack Pattern: 9/10, I like chaos pattern. thank you for putting some effort in coding many attack patterns.


Note to viewers:

Yes I am playing this on Android phone with mirror to my computer. So there is no emulator involve.

Yes I am using a mouse, because Android freedom customization allows you to play like how you wanted, unlike iPad limited or no option lol.

Yes this video DOES look better and sharper here than on your small phone.

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