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A gamers nightmare (when you let your girlfriend play game online)

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A gamers nightmare (when you accidentally get your girlfriend into gaming they go off the rail of gaming) #onlygamersunderstan #funnymoment #relationshipgoals #keepit100 Hi hey sup whats capping whats happening my names tyler dustin boulanger moar I'm that type of fool who dropped outta school cause I thought I was cool but as I grew up I become slowly cruel so I started smoking then drinking at a young age but I still managed to keep my mind right in some what thats where myself problems occur and man i need more gas to stay fualed up cause if i don't get my certain fix well Alot muthafukas will be make me lose my temper but luckily I can control my vapid anger while I'm sober but not when I'm jucied thats where the problem comes from but ill take it easy with that muthafucking redrum
My tfk muthafukas stress me out man i swear on god my days are sometimes stuck in a loop but some days are different and most times are relevant on the real that shit
be tripping me out bruh and there's this feeling i get its like is a tinging feeling in my brain but thats me also fiending for some green goods and damn bro I got mad impulsive behaviors im bipolar asfuck im insane like a juggalo and im always thinking about murking some woke ass folks and most of the time I can't stop twisting my fingers reason why i keep myself occupied with my ps4 and boy I been gaming out since 2004 and add me up on playstation4 psn game tag Tonytheripper11 and please subscribe so I can chase my dreams and I play online with gta 5 online or c.o.d black ops 4 and cold war

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