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Breaking News Heavy Shelling in Ukraine! Russia Has Complately Closed 3 Areas and Warning Ukraine!

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Welcome to the Deep Journal channel.
If we look at the general situation of political and military actions between Russia and Ukraine as of April 24, 2021, we can say that the tension continues to increase.
There were some of the most violent clashes since the start of tension on the donbass contact line on April 23rd and 24th. We will review all the conflict information coming in a moment.
The Russian Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, closes the coastline from Sevastopol to Hurzuf in the Black Sea and three regions near the Kerch Peninsula to all ships this evening.
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mariya Zaharova also accused Ukraine of producing a hysteria crisis to join NATO.
Dmitriy Kozak, Vice President of the Russian Presidency Administration, made a proposal to France and Germany to discuss the situation in the Donbass region in the east of Ukraine directly in Donbass territory.
Let's start to examine the latest statements by Ukraine and Russia and what happened on the front line together:
First of all, I'll talk about all the conflict reports that have been reported to you. However, if you are bored with this section, you can move the video forward to watch the next events.

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