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Breaking News! Is Russia Really Attracting Troops? Did They Come For Ukraine? Shelling Continues!

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Breaking News! Is Russia Really Attracting Troops? Did They Come For Ukraine? Shelling Continues!
There are successive developments in the Donbass crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Russia, which has been shutting its ears to calls for tranquility made by NATO countries for weeks and firing rumors of war with military shipments to the border line, almost made a show of strength with the navy exercise it carried out in the Black Sea. The statements of "We are withdrawing our military troops from the Ukrainian border" following the exercise, which had a wide impact with the participation of Defense Balan Sergey Shoigu, were interpreted as Russia's call for peace. The White House, on the other hand, stated that they were cautious about Russia's withdrawal announcement and said that they would follow the process. Later, I got reactions from some viewers due to the events related to Russia's military activity around Ukraine, which I shared. Russia said it would withdraw. Reactions like you're telling fake news. This shows that there is confusion about this topic. So will Russia really pull the troops piled up on the border with Crimea and Ukraine? Or how much will it attract? What Putin and you understand from the word "retreat" may be different. In your opinion, Russia made every plot to return to the Nagorno-Karabakh region from which it had to withdraw its troops 20 years ago with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Can it easily withdraw troops from the Crimea or the Ukrainian border, when, in the end, it succeeded in doing this in a way that all parties would agree or even want?
Let's start examining the answers to these questions together:
Breaking News! A Ship Was Hit By Drone Attack! The Explosion no Accident Israel Tested a Missile!
Dear listeners,
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Dangerous frictions between Israel and Syria continue. The attacks that caused great chaos between the two countries in the past days and these attacks caused a lot of damage to the Israeli front, had great repercussions all over the world. On top of this situation, the inability of Israel's defense system to neutralize these attacks also created fear in all of Israel. Before these events lost their effect, an oil tanker belonging to the Assad regime was attacked by a suspected armed drone off the coast of Lebanon. Such developments "Will the friction between Syria and Israel go further and have great consequences in the region?" brings questions to mind. However, the powerful explosion seen Tuesday in a sensitive area in central Israel was not an explosion, but a test of a solid rocket engine of the type used in ballistic missiles, a US nuclear researcher said on Saturday. Israel-based Haaretz newspaper published an analysis titled "Naval War with Iran Sheds Light on Israel's Critical Weak Point". In the analysis, allegations of Iranian ships damaging Israel and what can be done against it were discussed. The analysis also states that more Iranian ships than known may have been attacked.
Now let's examine the details about the subject together.
Welcome to the Deep Journal channel.
If we look at the general situation of political and military actions between Russia and Ukraine as of April 24, 2021, we can say that the tension continues to increase.
There were some of the most violent clashes since the start of tension on the donbass contact line on April 23rd and 24th. We will review all the conflict information coming in a moment.
The Russian Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, closes the coastline from Sevastopol to Hurzuf in the Black Sea and three regions near the Kerch Peninsula to all ships this evening.
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mariya Zaharova also accused Ukraine of producing a hysteria crisis to join NATO.
Dmitriy Kozak, Vice President of the Russian Presidency Administration, made a proposal to France and Germany to discuss the situation in the Donbass region in the east of Ukraine directly in Donbass territory.
Let's start to examine the latest statements by Ukraine and Russia and what happened on the front line together:
First of all, I'll talk about all the conflict reports that have been reported to you. However, if you are bored with this section, you can move the video forward to watch the next events.

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