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Warframe Fortuna - Conservation and Fishing

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Orb Vallis is home to many forms of wildlife, and in order to properly tame these wilds we'll need help from a certain someone...

This is a base level overview of the new Conservation and Fishing systems in Warframe. If you know my channel by now, it most definitely is not a...normal overview.

And isn't that what makes it the best kind?

This video was sponsored by Digital Extremes.

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Credits to my body doubles-
JHawkeye9001 - Who pulled off the perfect K-Drive Stunts
Akuraxia - Who isn't very fond of being called "Huge"
Nickelshark - One very noisy Nova
Goonar - One very bright Nyx

Music Credits:
All music in this video is originally created and owned by Digital Extremes, used with permission.
"Cold Tundra"
"Klokkit" (Sped up in various instances)
"Consume Us"
"We all Lift Together"
Other ambient music was recorded directly from Orb Vallis itself

Thank you for watching!

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